Wheat-free 2

First I must confess. I did break my wheat-free experiment for one week. The reason is – being at home with my parents, not cooking for myself, and simply being lazy…But it was only 1 week. I thought I will look at it positively and see what is the effect. I can honestly say I did not have any “reaction” and did not feel any changes. I think the week was too short to make any difference. If anything I was bit more tired. Also, and I should mention it here, I just finished detox which did not include any wheat or sugar. So I felt pretty good in general. I will mention the detox later as it is one of the things that worked for me…Anyways week on white bread did not harm me. Did I enjoy it? Maybe a little 🙂

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Letting off some steam

My main impression from all this at the moment is that there is not psychological support for the patients and for their families. In my opinion, once diagnosed, one should have an access to a professional, who will explain basics about the disease, give some statistics, nutritional advice etc. It does not have to be a doctor. I know they are busy with their scientific stuff. It should be someone who is not going to be uncomfortable talking about the topic, some one who will not be rushing you out of the door because next patient is waiting, someone with an optimistic and caring nature, ideally a cancer survivor… Person who is willing to meet not only with the patient but also with relatives and friends. Do I ask too much? Too me, this seems common sense. People who pay taxes whole their lives should be entitled to the appropriate services. Not to be left to their own devices, internet searches and feeling of despair. I know it is going cost but so what? Why can’t we expect that? It is 21st century after all. I hope that one day it is going to be like that. Worldwide…

Update: 2019 – I have noticed that people are more willing to talk about problems like these however the support structure is still not there. Create your own support structure and don’t wait for the system to offer you one. Reach to groups and people who are willing to share and help.

Smoke and light

Viva la smoothie

I thought I will top up my non-wheat diet with a Nutribullet smoothie. Did hear a lot about it.

To be honest, if it was me I would not have bought. It seemed like all the products shown on TV. Shiny first but when you get it – it is a different story. However, Nutribullet was a present from one of our foodie friends so we had no other choice than to try it 🙂

And I must say, I grew used to it. At first I was searching for the best recipes. Playing around with color – red smoothie, purple smoothie, green smoothie – you name it. Invented few of my own. However with less success in terms of the color. Smoothie always seemed to have kind of brownish unattractive color, reminding me of a water in an old pond. Now I can honestly say that I am not a beginner and I am “nutribulleting” few times a week. As always I was looking for reviews that would show the actual effect. Did not find much so I have to go with simple assumption – I do consume lot more fresh veg and fruits and that must be good right? Also, sometimes I do use it as a quick pick me up instead of coffee or as a snack to curb my hunger. I have bought it as a present for my parents and they are getting used to it, too. All there is left to say is: Viva la smoothie!

Update: I have tried numerous recipes for smoothie and the best one so far is Kimberly Snyder’s. I usually make about 1/2 of the portion and I do not add any pears.

When lazy I use M&S frozen smoothies and add spirulina – yummy!

Update: 2019 – I am sticking with green smoothies but I make them only 2-3x times a week. They are very refreshing and they guarantee that I get the right nutritions to my body. I do see improvement in my energy level after drinking them.

Marks and Spencer frozen smoothies
Healthy addition to my routine


First steps

When I started this blog I did not think that breast cancer will be one of the topics. Well, I was wrong. It has been on my mind for a while now. I did turn to internet – searching all

possible answers. It became clear to me how important if not crucial is to keep mum in a good spirits. How to do that, I was not sure. The first week I myself needed a help from my dear family and lot’s of tear was shed. I did not hide my pain as it seemed pointless. I did say to my family: “I knew she has to die one day – but not like this. If she is to go I hope it is going to be in sleep, having a lovely dream with a feeling of fulfilled life. That I can take. But like this…” Many people thought that my mum’s reaction is strange. Basically she did not talk about it. Only bare minimum she had to say. It seemed that she is more worried about us. It was the first thing she said to me: “ I am sorry I have to worry you all.” That is very her. Thinking about others first. From outside it looked that she took the news without big emotions. My sister-in-law asked me: “Does she even want to fight it?” My mum avoided that subject and never said the word – cancer – once.  Here and there she would break into tears but it always had to do with seemingly unimportant things. Broken glass, mess in the kitchen…I was thinking what is better for her – to avoid speaking about or let it all out? I did not find much help online on this topic and I suppose it is very individual. First few days I also pretended as if nothing happened…

Most of the articles I have read said one thing: “it is important to keep the person in a optimistic state…people who embrace it with optimistic attitude generally do better…” O.K. at least one thing to start with. I looked online for facts and statistics. Found that breast cancer actually has good chances of survival. I pulled out the numbers and showed that to mum not knowing how she would react. When I showed her the statistics her face lit up: “so there is a chance…” Everything she has been bottling in came out. All her anger, worries, disappointment. I could hear relief in her voice. After that the word cancer was not a tabu anymore. Mum showed me the lump and talked about her feelings openly: “If there is a hope it is worth trying…” It did not take long to think through a strategy – she will take the traditional route with Western medicine but at the same time she will take all the other help she can take – positive affirmations, herbal support, dietary changes and some yoga.

So first steps were made – discovering hope and laying down a plan.

Update: 2019 – having a plan worked psychologically. It brought some structure into the day and had some concrete steps. I recommend to write down things on paper. What can be done today? What can be done this week? What changes I need to make? Food plan etc.

Hope should never leave you

Blog posts must wait

I did have some good ideas for blog posts but they have all evaporated.The reason is that my mum has been diagnosed with a breast cancer. It was a surprise to all of us. We all thought it is going to be a harmful cyst. The reason we were optimistic was because we thought she is fairly healthy. Eating healthy food, staying out on the fresh air, working in the garden, not smoking, having a glass of wine once a week at most. Yes, it is true. The food could be healthier, maybe she could exercise bit more…but her life style cannot be classified as unhealthy. After the first reactions of fear, anger and sadness we are getting the grip with reality. So, sadly I have other things on my mind then blog posts…

Update: 2019 – My mum is cancer free now! Big thank you to all the doctors, herbalists, nurses and to Life itself…so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Flowers for my mum
Flowers for my mum

Ecto theme

I am still sticking with it. Did try to find more information about it on the web to no avail. If it has to be a journey of discovery, so be it. At the moment I am lost between menus, pages and categories. I cannot connect the blog post to the pages I would like them to be on. My idea is to have different pages with different topics and add posts to them according to the relevance. Making pages static and grouping all posts into one skein with endless scrolling does not work for me. I don’t know it is the theme or me. Probably me. But as I said I am sticking with it.

Update: 2019 – I still like this theme 🙂


Sea pic
Boat and the sea


Wheat free for 3 months

So I did try it at the end. When I finished my regular detox which I will mention in some other post and thought to myself: “How to keep this good thing going?” I did feel lighter and fresh and did not want to loose that lovely feeling. I did read about wheat on the net and did worry about my daughter that she might be allergic to it. Fortunately she is not and neither am I. But I thought to myself. Going wheat free will not hurt. I will see for myself if something happens or not. Of course, my main motivator was and idea that it will help me to loose weight.

After three months of wheat-free diet I have observed the following: I look less bloated in the mirror, I do not have swelling in my legs in the late afternoon and my gums stopped bleeding. I am very happy about these results, however when it comes to weight loss – I did not loose any weight. My T-shirt is looser around the waist but only I know it. People around me did not notice anything. Do I look more toned? No. That will have to be sorted with exercise – but I kind of knew that. Do I have more energy on this diet? Sadly, no. I am still dependent on my cup of coffee.

I will carry on for another three months and see if I have some more profound results. Now I have another detox ahead and that I hope will motivate me to carry on this little experiment of mine. So far my verdict: yes, it will make you healthier but no, it will not make you loose weight.

Update: I am trying to avoid white wheat as much as I can but I do occasionally crave it and give in. I have a white toast or white pasta about once a week. I wish whole wheat or rice pasta was enough for me but sadly not. Also I am thinking that what makes me bloated after eating wheat is actually the yeast in it. It is just a theory at the moment but I did note that even whole wheat or spelt bread sometimes does not agree with me. So for me it might be the yeast not the gluten…

Update: 2019 – I think it is very hard to go wheat-free for long period. I do try to use various flours and recently become to love spelt.  Buckwheat flour unfortunately has and aftertaste for me. I know that lots of people recommend wholewheat flour – for me it is just too heavy and dense. I do best on yeast-free products – can really see the difference and spelt products are good for me too. I recommend to reduce wheat consumption as I know that eliminating it all together is difficult 🙂

avocado as a source of healthy fat
Can’t go wrong with avocado toast

Hello world! Ehm, anybody there?

So the title from Word Press is Hello World. How fitting. I really feel as if I am opening the doors. That is why I am not changing the title. At least for now. So what is going to be all about? I admire all the people who have a clear cut idea about their mission and start writing their first post without any hesitation. Not me…It was bit of a impulse. Little bit like an impulse buy if you know what I mean. No preparation and no mission. It is only now in retrospect I can see what lead me to it.

The reasons for starting this blog were simple really. One day when looking at some old photos of my great grand parents I thought: “I would love to know what they were thinking about, dreaming about, I would love to have a peek into their world…”.  And that is what I am trying to do with this blog. It is an attempt to create a honest window into my world. Secondly, it is a part of my self-discovery as I believe most of the blogs are. And last but not least I do hope to connect with people who are on the same wave. If some of my writings makes them smile or makes them feel good that is enough for me.

And one more thing to mention. I am not a native English speaker. So pardon my English 🙂