Earaches, stomach aches and PMS

I thought I am done writing about Homeopathy but yesterday when I opened my drawer I discovered 2 more remedies that I should mention. Simply because I used them a lot when kids were little and they were a great help. We used to travel several times a year over several time zones to countries with very different climates and cuisines. I was always bit worried about the flight because kids used to get earaches on landing and I did not know how to help them. It was always worse if they had bit of cold. I did have some medicines from my doctor but they never worked. I turned to Homeopathy like few times before and found Earache tablets from Hyland’s. I gave them to kids one day before travel and then during the flight. It did not take the pressure and uncomfortable feeling away but it did ease the pain. I was delighted when they did not burst into tears and happy for the surrounding passengers, too 🙂 After this experience I used these tablets on the fist sign of earache especially when I knew that I will not be able to take kids to the doctor until morning. It helped many times but I do need to point out that there were couple of times when we could not stop the infection.

The second remedy is Allergy Relief from NatraBio which are homeopathic drops. They are not completely tasteless but they are so mild that kids never complained. I always used them when they had an upset stomach or felt heavy after eating some new kind of food. The drops worked really well and I always had them with me when I traveled. Thanks to Allergy Relief kids tried many new foods, went to many restaurants and had some naughty food without any consequences. Not mentioning that it made my life lot easier during holidays. I also used to add some Probiotics but they deserve a separate post.

And last but not least are PMS tablets from Hyland’s. I think that was the first Homeopathic medicine I tried. It was long before I had kids. I was just too desperate and was searching for something that will take away that unpleasant tension. Finally I did come across tablets for PMS from Hyland’s. I knew I had nothing to loose and tried it. It helped. I was thrilled. Finally I could use something that was not chemical. I used it for years. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of it because when I tried to buy it last time in my favorite shop they told me they will not stock it anymore. I tried online but could not find a shop that would ship to my country. Actually I did find one and they told me that they will let me know when they will get a new stock. That was six months ago… Anyway I think that is all I can share about my experience with Homeopathy. I am aware that it might not be for everyone but as I said: “I am a fan.”

Update: 2019 – Yes, I still stand by this fabulous trio!



Beat the flu

And one more post on homeopathy 🙂 It is about a remedy I use regularly now and I am convinced about it’s effectivness. First time I have heard about it was in one book about natural cures and prevention. Unfortunately I do not remember the title or author but what he said intrigued me. He recommended to use Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic  mixture from Boiron as a prevention from flu. I have decided to follow his instruction and used one dose once a week for one month. I did not get any flu. Was it a luck or was the remedy working? I am convinced it is the remedy.

I have been using it every fall and spring and I did not have a flu for years. Same with my children. Not mentioning they love it’s slight sweet. I use it when I feel that there might be a cold coming. If I give it to kids early enough I am able to stop the infection. If it is at a later stage then it at least lessen the symptoms and shortens the duration. When they have an infection I give them one dose in the morning and one in the evening. I also use it when we travel by plane. It usually protects us really well and I don’t have to worry about people sneezing and coughing around me 🙂

The name of it is bit strange and I am never able to pronounce it correctly. A bigger drawback is it’s price. It is expensive and I always think long and hard before buying it. At the end I always do – because I know it will do the trick 🙂

Update: 2019 – I am still using this product and to my great delight it sold in our local chemist!


The thing about homeopathy

Just few days ago my husband told me a big news. He read somewhere on BBC website that some studies that were done on Homeopathy finally proved that it does not work. My reaction was something like this:”Wow, that is interesting…” I did not want to hurt his feelings but he obviously forgot one thing…

When my son was seven he got a really bad cough. He had it for ages and could not get rid of it. It was bit strange because he usually got over infections very quickly. Our GP said that it might be an onset of asthma. We live in a city and the air pollution can get pretty bad. After some tests the doctor said that my son will need an inhaler. It was his diagnosis and I respected it, however during that time I have already had some experience with alternative methods particularly with Homeopathy. I had a small Homeopathy kit which I used for fevers and stomach upsets. The small tablets were slightly sweet and dissolved easily. Kids preferred them to herbs that of had strong smell or taste.  I made me think that I should see a homeopathic specialist and ask him about my son’s persistent cough. Nothing to loose right? I was very lucky and found a very good one with great references. At that point I did not have any expectations. I just wanted to try it before starting my son on the inhaler. The homeopath explained to me that he will give him some tablets which he has to take exactly as prescribed for a duration of 3 months. He also made some recommendations with regards to his diet and lifestyle. He wrote down everything in detail and explained that this is a process of “desentization”.

We did everything to the letter. To our great surprise, my son’s cough eased away and finally disappeared completely. I was stunned. Our GP was surprised, too. He gave me an inhaler just in case but needles to say my son never needed it. It is a long time ago so no wonder my husband forgot this little story. My son does not remember it either. But I do. That’s how I started to use homeopathy on regular basis. Basically I knew it works and did not question it. I know there will be studies done, things written and things said but to me my experience means more.

I do have to mention that years later my favorite  homeopath moved abroad and I had to find a new one. Finally I did find one but I was deeply disappointed. Not so much because the remedy did not work but because the treatment was incredibly expensive. I was shocked. He charged about 5x more than my old homeopath. I did not go back there ever again.

Therefore I would advise to choose your homeopath wisely. Go for good references. Usually the best one are from friends and from people who were helped and seen improvements. I think everybody can make their own opinion but it is worth a try. I am definitely a fan 🙂

Update: 2019 – I don’t care what others things. I know there is a debate whether homeopathy works or not. For me it does – and that is that 🙂

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