The thing about homeopathy

Just few days ago my husband told me a big news. He read somewhere on BBC website that some studies that were done on Homeopathy finally proved that it does not work. My reaction was something like this:”Wow, that is interesting…” I did not want to hurt his feelings but he obviously forgot one thing…

When my son was seven he got a really bad cough. He had it for ages and could not get rid of it. It was bit strange because he usually got over infections very quickly. Our GP said that it might be an onset of asthma. We live in a city and the air pollution can get pretty bad. After some tests the doctor said that my son will need an inhaler. It was his diagnosis and I respected it, however during that time I have already had some experience with alternative methods particularly with Homeopathy. I had a small Homeopathy kit which I used for fevers and stomach upsets. The small tablets were slightly sweet and dissolved easily. Kids preferred them to herbs that of had strong smell or taste.  I made me think that I should see a homeopathic specialist and ask him about my son’s persistent cough. Nothing to loose right? I was very lucky and found a very good one with great references. At that point I did not have any expectations. I just wanted to try it before starting my son on the inhaler. The homeopath explained to me that he will give him some tablets which he has to take exactly as prescribed for a duration of 3 months. He also made some recommendations with regards to his diet and lifestyle. He wrote down everything in detail and explained that this is a process of “desentization”.

We did everything to the letter. To our great surprise, my son’s cough eased away and finally disappeared completely. I was stunned. Our GP was surprised, too. He gave me an inhaler just in case but needles to say my son never needed it. It is a long time ago so no wonder my husband forgot this little story. My son does not remember it either. But I do. That’s how I started to use homeopathy on regular basis. Basically I knew it works and did not question it. I know there will be studies done, things written and things said but to me my experience means more.

I do have to mention that years later my favorite  homeopath moved abroad and I had to find a new one. Finally I did find one but I was deeply disappointed. Not so much because the remedy did not work but because the treatment was incredibly expensive. I was shocked. He charged about 5x more than my old homeopath. I did not go back there ever again.

Therefore I would advise to choose your homeopath wisely. Go for good references. Usually the best one are from friends and from people who were helped and seen improvements. I think everybody can make their own opinion but it is worth a try. I am definitely a fan 🙂

Update: 2019 – I don’t care what others things. I know there is a debate whether homeopathy works or not. For me it does – and that is that 🙂

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