What worked for me [and what did not]

WordPress full of surprises

I think I should write bit more about my own experience with WordPress. I am total newbie and definitely a non-techie and absolutely tabula rasa when it comes to everything internet. How many of us are there I don’t know but if you are similar too me, this may help. My website is made with WordPress software [self-hosted version] downloaded from WordPress.org. I had a lovely girl to help me with the design and her programmer friend to help me fine-tune everything for a reasonable price. It has been up and running for few months now. Let’s state the positives first. The site looks good and is customised, has great visuals and loads up quickly. I can manage it very easily from the Dashboard without knowing any coding. And that is a big plus for me. I can download lot’s of widgets that give me more control over the site. But and this is a big BUT I was hacked twice already. It caused me lot’s of trouble, going back to my programmer and to the web host. Explaining everything in my non-techie vocabulary…not a pleasant thing. It is sorted now but it did make me understand that with self-hosted version comes the responsibility. Basically, you have to be ready to be on call and to invest bit of a money in it. If it is your business website you are probably ready for that anyway.

However, if you want a simple blog or website that will not be commercial then WordPress.com is great. All you need is few minutes to set it up. I did not have any problems there. Loved the free themes and pre-selected plugins. I do not have to care about security, money or anything else.  I like the encouraging language that is used throughout the WordPress and also the Reader section where sometimes your post appears and gives you extra boost. Perfect for shy bloggers like me 🙂

Wheat free experiment – 3 months

So I did try it at the end. When I finished my regular detox which I will mention in some other post and thought to myself: “How to keep this good thing going?” I did feel lighter and fresh and did not want to loose that lovely feeling. I did read about wheat on the net and did worry about my daughter that she might be allergic to it. Fortunately she is not and neither am I. But I thought to myself. Going wheat free will not hurt. I will see for myself if something happens or not. Of course, my main motivator was and idea that it will help me to loose weight.

After three months of wheat-free diet I have observed the following: I look less bloated in the mirror, I do not have swelling in my legs in the late afternoon and my gums stopped bleeding. I am very happy about these results, however when it comes to weight loss – I did not loose any weight. My T-shirt is looser around the waist but only I know it. People around me did not notice anything. Do I look more toned? No. That will have to be sorted with exercise – but I kind of knew that. Do I have more energy on this diet? Sadly, no. I am still dependant on my cup of coffee.

I will carry on for another three months and see if I have some more profound results. Now I have another detox ahead and that I hope will motivate me to carry on this little experiment of mine. So far my verdict: yes, it will make you healthier but no, it will not make you loose weight.

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