I am currently doing a special detox. It lasts 28 days. I have done it before and it was good for me. Not a massive weight loss but I have noticed visible health improvements. I am still wheat free most of the time. During the second and third week of the detox I am allowed a bit a of a bread and eggless pasta. The bread was homemade from rye and spelt flour. I realised that wheat makes me feel heavy. When I am on detox I do not miss bread or flour products really and I suppose that is a good news. The detox also does other things for me. The meals are set so I do not have to think about what to cook. I have more energy then usual which I need at the moment. So this was a short update on my wheat free adventures.



Wheat-free 2

First I must confess. I did break my wheat-free experiment for one week. The reason is – being at home with my parents, not cooking for myself, and simply being lazy…But it was only 1 week. I thought I will look at it positively and see what is the effect. I can honestly say I did not have any “reaction” and did not feel any changes. I think the week was too short to make any difference. If anything I was bit more tired. Also, and I should mention it here, I just finished detox which did not include any wheat or sugar. So I felt pretty good in general. I will mention the detox later as it is one of the things that worked for me…Anyways week on white bread did not harm me. Did I enjoy it? Maybe a little 🙂


Wheat free for 3 months

So I did try it at the end. When I finished my regular detox which I will mention in some other post and thought to myself: “How to keep this good thing going?” I did feel lighter and fresh and did not want to loose that lovely feeling. I did read about wheat on the net and did worry about my daughter that she might be allergic to it. Fortunately she is not and neither am I. But I thought to myself. Going wheat free will not hurt. I will see for myself if something happens or not. Of course, my main motivator was and idea that it will help me to loose weight.

After three months of wheat-free diet I have observed the following: I look less bloated in the mirror, I do not have swelling in my legs in the late afternoon and my gums stopped bleeding. I am very happy about these results, however when it comes to weight loss – I did not loose any weight. My T-shirt is looser around the waist but only I know it. People around me did not notice anything. Do I look more toned? No. That will have to be sorted with exercise – but I kind of knew that. Do I have more energy on this diet? Sadly, no. I am still dependent on my cup of coffee.

I will carry on for another three months and see if I have some more profound results. Now I have another detox ahead and that I hope will motivate me to carry on this little experiment of mine. So far my verdict: yes, it will make you healthier but no, it will not make you loose weight.

Update: I am trying to avoid white wheat as much as I can but I do occasionally crave it and give in. I have a white toast or white pasta about once a week. I wish whole wheat or rice pasta was enough for me but sadly not. Also I am thinking that what makes me bloated after eating wheat is actually the yeast in it. It is just a theory at the moment but I did note that even whole wheat or spelt bread sometimes does not agree with me. So for me it might be the yeast not the gluten…