Can A.I. save me or finish me? From creating to selling

I have always been looking at all my business ventures and analysing them. Am I going to write about “how I became a millionaire” any time soon? Haha, nope. I have tried many things and different techniques including manifesting. When I read that actually, I quote: “be prepared that some people’s dreams will happen instantlyContinue reading “Can A.I. save me or finish me? From creating to selling”

What to focus on? Greedy platforms versus the less greedy…

I have done some research and some thinking. I have been very close to another burnout. Working a full-time job and then working on weekends on my side-hassle was a bit too much as I had only a couple of hours of rest. And that was not enough to recover. Something had to change toContinue reading “What to focus on? Greedy platforms versus the less greedy…”

Keeping everything in one spot

I really like the saying: Don’t keep your all eggs in one basket. It is on my mind, especially now when I see so many changes around me and in the POD world. This is something I am more aware of now than a few years ago – and making changes based on it. IContinue reading “Keeping everything in one spot”

Creating something from scratch again

I have done it again. I have decided to try something new. But this time I told myself that this is really, really the last time, I am trying a POD site. The reason for that is that I have not experienced any success with the POD style business. And I have been trying sinceContinue reading “Creating something from scratch again”

To blog or not to blog

I have tried lots of part-time avenues. And most of them were online and most of them were exhaustive and brought very little return. No matter what the influencer said and no matter what the gurus told. At the beginning of 2022, I even thought to myself that I am lucky to have a full-timeContinue reading “To blog or not to blog”

My strange strategy paid off

This is going to be very brief. Something surprising happened to me on Pinterest. It might not be applicable to other social media though… My Pinterest was not doing that well and the numbers kept on going doing. I kept on trying different things and kept on watching every Pinterest guru I could find. TheContinue reading “My strange strategy paid off”

Why blogging is not the shiny thing

Blogging is my next venture and this time I am doing it differently. Amazon, Etsy and other of my attempts were very amateurish, to say the least. There was some success but quickly fizzled out or there is a success but not in a monetary sense. Being a blogger longer time ago was definitely easier.Continue reading “Why blogging is not the shiny thing”