Update on my mother

My mother – thanks God is still with us. She is maintaining reasonable lifestyle and is relatively happy. However, the chemo made her arthritis worse. As a result she is not very mobile and stays at home most of the times. If she goes out, it is only for short walks. She needs a stickContinue reading “Update on my mother”

Supplements that were recommended to my mum

I realized that when I was writing about my mum I forgot to mention two supplements that were recommended to her. One she used and one she didn’t. The one she did not use is called Ovosan. We did find positive reviews for it but at the end my mum decided not to buy it.Continue reading “Supplements that were recommended to my mum”

Happy ending

I am delighted to write these lines…the operation went well and my mum is now cancer free. The recovery stage has started. Physically she is lot stronger. People are commenting on how good she looks. We are convinced it is due to all the herbs she took to support the treatment. Psychologically she is stillContinue reading “Happy ending”

Mum’s diet from now on

We are not doctors but did not want to leave everything to doctors. Here is my mum’s routine since being diagnosed: 1/no sugar 2/no white flour 3/ supplements and herbs from our favourite herbalist – supplement from Silybum marianum 3x day, 15 minutes before and after chemo tea from Silybum marianum, massage with Calendula officinalisContinue reading “Mum’s diet from now on”

Letting off some steam

My main impression from all this at the moment is that there is not psychological support for the patients and for their families. In my opinion, once diagnosed, one should have an access to a professional, who will explain basics about the disease, give some statistics, nutritional advice etc. It does not have to beContinue reading “Letting off some steam”

Blog posts must wait

I did have some good ideas for blog posts but they have all evaporated.The reason is that my mum has been diagnosed with a breast cancer. It was a surprise to all of us. We all thought it is going to be a harmful cyst. The reason we were optimistic was because we thought she is fairlyContinue reading “Blog posts must wait”