Mum’s diet from now on

We are not doctors but did not want to leave everything to doctors.

Here is my mum’s routine since being diagnosed:

1/no sugar

2/no white flour

3/ supplements and herbs from our favourite herbalist – supplement from Silybum marianum 3x day, 15 minutes before and after chemo tea from Silybum marianum, massage with Calendula officinalis  – 3 or 2x day

4/ later on for increasing of the immunity we have added – extract from Pleurotus ostreatus

5/ Coenzym Q, B -complex vitamin, oil from Oenothera biennis

6/ breathing techniques, positive affirmations

7/ Nutribullet drink – at least once a day, mix of greens and fruits

That’s all. My mum says it seems to work for her. She did not have to take any medications, yet. She only complains about tiredness and light nausea. Her hair started do fall out but that it is least of her worries. All in all her she is in good spirits and that is probably the most important thing at the moment.

Update: 2019 – My tries to keep the diet as healthy as possible. Minimising sugar and meats. Loading on vitamins and living plants.


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