where to live

Eternal traveler, stargazer and dreamer,

at home where the heart is.

Loving every moment /or almost all of them/

and a bad poet – obviously…

This is probably the hardest section for me. How to describe myself? I do like to look at the About section on other blogs especially if I found some interesting site to see who is behind the curtain so to speak. Usually I am not disappointed. I found some witty description and in a few sentences I get the feel of the person and their personality. Unfortunately I am not one of those witty writers and words don’t come easy to me. Let’s keep this section open and I will come back to it later…I promise 🙂


I thought that I should write a bit about why I started writing this blog. Primary objective was to communicate with my family and friends. Written word is different than spoken and opens up different possibilities in communications. I can sit down, think about the topic and then write it out as it comes. I don’t have that much face to face time with my loved once as I used to have before and an idea of a blog which they can read when they have time appealed to me. So that was the first and primary reason. The other reason was that I was undergoing some changes at work. I worked really long hours on something that was quite easy for me to do. No growth or motivation outside of the monetary reward – which I needed really badly. Last year the company stopped making money, wages went down and the working atmosphere turned grey. I sensed that my position, which I did not value greatly, is in danger. The job that I have been doing on automatic pilot can be gone. It did taste bitter. I was thinking why I am doing something that is not particularly rewarding, worrying about loosing it, investing all the time into it, sleeping really badly and walking around looking like a zombie? Well, I thought I should bring little bit of positive in all that and do something I want to do for a change [no matter how small the step is]. Well, you guessed it. The blog was born. One positive step towards something new…

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