In the middle of it

At the moment my mum is in the middle of the treatment. Went through a series of chemos and now the date of the operation is going to be decided. It is hard to say that she is doing well. I  would rather say she is keeping up the brave face. She is sick of it.  I have no doubt. We knew that the chemos will undermine her immunity but we did not know how much. I can honestly say that we underestimated it. Basically after every chemotherapy she has a cold, cough, runny nose, fever, nausea, loss of appetite. Her blood test were not good. Once it was red blood cells then it was white blood cells. On the top of it she had an allergic reaction to antibiotics which caused a bad rash all over the body. She lost her hair but that is probably the least of her worries. I think the chemo is such a big hit. Of course she continues with all the supplements, herbs and juices. It gives her an extra boost and protection. She thinks /and I tend to agree/ that without the extra herbal help she would in a lot worse state. My heart goes to everybody who is going through this…


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