Creating something from scratch again

I have done it again. I have decided to try something new. But this time I told myself that this is really, really the last time, I am trying a POD site. The reason for that is that I have not experienced any success with the POD style business. And I have been trying since 2018. So yes, this is the last try and it is rather symbolic that its name starts with the letter ‘Z’.

Yes, you guessed it. It IS ZAZZLE. I kept on hearing about it for many years but I have never tried it. Mainly because that from what I have heard the rewards were slow and small. Not what I wanted. But now, after all my experiences, I am thinking that there is nothing to loose. I am going to try to build it over the summer and test it for Q4 which should be (at least in theory) the best one. Based on the results, I will decide what to do next.

As for my other ventures. I am enjoying You Tube but I can see, how lots can people burn out. It is growing very slowly and I will definitely not get monetised this year. It is snail paced at best, but I am doing it mainly for the experience and hopefully later on connecting it to my blog. And yes, still working on my blog. My feeling about it so far – what is very liberating, is the fact that I don’t have to conform to ‘any platform’ and create/organise things exactly the way, I want. At this moment, I can’t see, how I will be reaching a wide audience. The traffic is painfully slow. But, I am committed and will let you know my progress as I go.

Just a reminder to you all, my dear friends. This is the slowest period for any online business. Very little is happening at the moment – unless you are a big fish 🙂

So keep on going and don’t jump to any conclusions based on this slow season.

Accepting the lows

Published by Mona

Questions I am trying to solve: Can a "one-person business" survive? Does it have a chance in today's world? Is it sustainable for more than a few years? Is it something that can work long-term? In my blog, I am mainly creating lists with tips on how to avoid numerous burnouts while working full-time (and hoping to retire early hahaha).

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