Detox that works for me

As I have noticed my first grey hair I thought to myself that I need to pay a bit more
attention to my aging body. I did plan to do a detox or cleanse for a while but the time
never seemed right. The idea of starving whole day and living just on juices did not appeal to me. But I did want to do something. Something that will make me feel good. Something that will give me more energy.
As luck would have it one of my dear friends has recommended a detox in one her e-mails. I hesitated at first. It had a set menu for 28 days which needed to be followed. I resent any strict diets and was worried this is one of them. To my pleasant surprise the premise of the detox is not to starve – you can eat until full – in fact the more you eat the better. You need to drink about 3-3,5 l of water every day and you need to stick to the meals that are prescribed. The author is Mrs. Macingova, a Slovak nutritionist. Her detox is very popular in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Most of the people do this detox to lose weight. Some of them have a great success with weight loss but the weight loss is not the main aim of it. Just a bonus.
And now about my results. After the 28 days I felt lot better and more energetic. I even started to wake up half an hour earlier than usual. I did not need my usual coffee boost. I did not crave any sweets. I just did not feel like eating any of my usual treats. People commented on how good and fresh I look. They did notice the difference. With regards to weight loss it was not as spectacular. I have lost only 2 kg on the scale but my clothes were lot looser. What happens with this detox is a loss of ‘volume’. Somehow I shrank. Shirt that was to tight was suddenly loose. I could swing my arms and there was some more space around my stomach area. I did find this very interesting. Mrs. Macingova always stresses that it is not the kilos you loose but the centimeters. The results had such a visible impact on me that I have decided to repeat it again in 3 months. That time my husband joined me and lost about 5 kgs. This detox is going to be part of my routine for sure. On the scale of 1 to 10 I would give it 9. The reason I would not give it 10 is because during the whole month you have to follow the menu. And I am not just very good at sticking to a set of rules. But that is just my laziness I suppose…so I should really give it 10 out of 10 🙂



Floravit – the best iron supplement for me

Floravit is something I have been using for years. It helped to keep my iron levels up. I usually take it in spring and in autumn. I have been giving it to my kids, too as they have been growing up on vegetarian diet. What I like about it is that it comes from natural sources and it is in a liquid form. It tastes fruity but has bit of a metallic taste. I don’t mind that at all and kids take it with little bit of juice. Once opened it needs to be kept in the fridge. It is bit pricey but it is worth it. In the reviews of the product I read that people take it when their immunity is down or when they feel tired. Most of the reviews I came across were positive. When I hear that somebody is anemic or when my friends are pregnant I tell them about this. As a bonus it contains Vitamin B12 and is gluten free. If you need some iron boost then check it out!

Update 2019: I am still relying on Floravit and Floradix. I think it absorbs well and does not cause constipation as most of the iron supplements. Tastes O.K. I do a course every three months.

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 11.31.53 AM


Covering the grey

So I got to this age when some grey hair start to show up. Do I mind? A bit. It is mainly an aesthetic issue for me. I started to get grey on the sides and from afar it looks as if I am going bold. Not kidding. I did go to local salon to cover those bits and the result was good. However it lasted only few weeks and the whole procedure was very pricey. I began to search for something more affordable and hopefully something more natural like henna. Most of the hair colours were very expensive and and a long list of chemicals in it. Finally I found one henna product in a small Indian shop. I have been using this for 3 months now and I am happy with results. Did not have any adverse reaction to it. To put the colour on is a messy business. You need a pair of disposable gloves, comb and shower cap. I usually put some newspaper down because the bathroom floor can get dirty – henna really sticks and is hard to wash off. I tried Black and Dark brown shade from Herbul. Did not notice much difference in terms of the shade. It covers the grey well but you need to be patient and let the henna dry properly. The hair looks black and shiny afterward. I do not cover all of the hair just the grey bits. Sometime I use comb but sometimes I use hands to grasp the stands. Then I check that there is no henna on my face, glasses, hands and I clean bathroom before henna has the chance to dry. When I coloured my hair for the first time I did not notice few henna flakes and and really hard time to get them off. I noticed that sometimes the colour stays longer up to 4 to 5 weeks. I guess it depends how long I leave it on and much water I add to it. My experience with henna so far has been very good. It does the job although it takes time and effort to put it on. I am wondering when I get more grey hair if I am going to use it all over as that it will be even messier and harder to do. Not sure yet. But for covering of few grey it really works.

Update: Recently I have been adding couple of drop of the lavender essential oil. The henna mixture by itself has a grassy smell. The lavender helps to perfume the hair and eases itchy scalp.

Update 2019: Tried some other hair colours but this one is still the best and cheapest.



Viva la smoothie

I thought I will top up my non-wheat diet with a Nutribullet smoothie. Did hear a lot about it.

To be honest, if it was me I would not have bought. It seemed like all the products shown on TV. Shiny first but when you get it – it is a different story. However, Nutribullet was a present from one of our foodie friends so we had no other choice than to try it 🙂

And I must say, I grew used to it. At first I was searching for the best recipes. Playing around with color – red smoothie, purple smoothie, green smoothie – you name it. Invented few of my own. However with less success in terms of the color. Smoothie always seemed to have kind of brownish unattractive color, reminding me of a water in an old pond. Now I can honestly say that I am not a beginner and I am “nutribulleting” few times a week. As always I was looking for reviews that would show the actual effect. Did not find much so I have to go with simple assumption – I do consume lot more fresh veg and fruits and that must be good right? Also, sometimes I do use it as a quick pick me up instead of coffee or as a snack to curb my hunger. I have bought it as a present for my parents and they are getting used to it, too. All there is left to say is: Viva la smoothie!

Update: I have tried numerous recipes for smoothie and the best one so far is Kimberly Snyder’s. I usually make about 1/2 of the portion and I do not add any pears.

When lazy I use M&S frozen smoothies and add spirulina – yummy!

Update: 2019 – I am sticking with green smoothies but I make them only 2-3x times a week. They are very refreshing and they guarantee that I get the right nutritions to my body. I do see improvement in my energy level after drinking them.

Marks and Spencer frozen smoothies
Healthy addition to my routine


Wheat free for 3 months

So I did try it at the end. When I finished my regular detox which I will mention in some other post and thought to myself: “How to keep this good thing going?” I did feel lighter and fresh and did not want to loose that lovely feeling. I did read about wheat on the net and did worry about my daughter that she might be allergic to it. Fortunately she is not and neither am I. But I thought to myself. Going wheat free will not hurt. I will see for myself if something happens or not. Of course, my main motivator was and idea that it will help me to loose weight.

After three months of wheat-free diet I have observed the following: I look less bloated in the mirror, I do not have swelling in my legs in the late afternoon and my gums stopped bleeding. I am very happy about these results, however when it comes to weight loss – I did not loose any weight. My T-shirt is looser around the waist but only I know it. People around me did not notice anything. Do I look more toned? No. That will have to be sorted with exercise – but I kind of knew that. Do I have more energy on this diet? Sadly, no. I am still dependent on my cup of coffee.

I will carry on for another three months and see if I have some more profound results. Now I have another detox ahead and that I hope will motivate me to carry on this little experiment of mine. So far my verdict: yes, it will make you healthier but no, it will not make you loose weight.

Update: I am trying to avoid white wheat as much as I can but I do occasionally crave it and give in. I have a white toast or white pasta about once a week. I wish whole wheat or rice pasta was enough for me but sadly not. Also I am thinking that what makes me bloated after eating wheat is actually the yeast in it. It is just a theory at the moment but I did note that even whole wheat or spelt bread sometimes does not agree with me. So for me it might be the yeast not the gluten…

Update: 2019 – I think it is very hard to go wheat-free for long period. I do try to use various flours and recently become to love spelt.  Buckwheat flour unfortunately has and aftertaste for me. I know that lots of people recommend wholewheat flour – for me it is just too heavy and dense. I do best on yeast-free products – can really see the difference and spelt products are good for me too. I recommend to reduce wheat consumption as I know that eliminating it all together is difficult 🙂

avocado as a source of healthy fat
Can’t go wrong with avocado toast