My strange strategy paid off

This is going to be very brief. Something surprising happened to me on Pinterest. It might not be applicable to other social media though…

My Pinterest was not doing that well and the numbers kept on going doing. I kept on trying different things and kept on watching every Pinterest guru I could find.

The numbers were plummeting and I could not figure out the reason. What was frustrating was that there was no one, who would be able to give me an answer. I had to face a simple decision – is it worth my time or not? And I decided that yes, it is worth my time. I am a visual person, I like the idea of pins. So I thought to myself – ok – I will be persistent and consistent and not care about what the analytics will say. I will stay with it for three months and I will make a decision then.

The plan was simple – 3 pins on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (that is when I got most traffic) and 1 pin for the rest of the week. Pinning to my most visited board only. Nothing was happening for a while until December. I have attached the most recent snapshot – and it is really surprising. The consistency got me to a lot more clicks within 3 months. So here you go. The strategy was so simple – consistent pinning, and my mindset was basically – I don’t care about analytics…

Pinterest Analytics Screen Shot

Published by Mona

Questions I am trying to solve: Can a "one-person business" survive? Does it have a chance in today's world? Is it sustainable for more than a few years? Is it something that can work long-term? In my blog, I am mainly creating lists with tips on how to avoid numerous burnouts while working full-time (and hoping to retire early hahaha).

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