Is blogging too lame for 2022?

So, 2021 is almost over and I have one question on my mind: Is blogging the answer to my goal? (I still want to retire early hahaha, dream on girl…)

Anyways, I did try the Amazon route – unsuccessfully. Simply because I found out that I need to invest a lot more money than I have or want to. I tried the good old printables but that did not work – yet. Tried the Etsy route – unsuccessfully again. I am not quitting, don’t get me wrong. But I am scaling down significantly on these three. There is this nudging feeling: “Don’t give up, yet!” What if this is not the right time to give up on these channels. One thing I have realised is that sometimes people breakthrough simply because of staying with something for a very long time. When I listen to my favourite YouTubers and Bloggers – they all started at least 5 years ago. In that sense, my ventures are very ‘green’ and I should be more patient. My biggest regret so far is how much time I have put into all these. I know that I will not get that back and that is also the reason, why I am looking for something that will not bring the same disappointment.

These two new channels are – Blogging and YouTube. Yes, I know. It is nothing new and shiny. Especially blogging. I have avoided that path simply because I had this blog and used it as my little diary. I am not massively into writing and I am not super excited about blogging – but – and this is the pragmatic side of me talking – I know that the other channels I tried, have a very low barrier to entry and as such, they are over-saturated. Whereas blogging is fairly hard to sell to people. Most of them react like me. Blogging? Really? Not everyone likes writing and is willing to do it for a long time without getting any monetary results. So yes, it is hard, not shiny and needs long-term commitment. But on an upside that makes a higher barrier to entry, right? Also, as long there is internet – there will be blogs. Just think about it. What do we have on Google when we are searching for things – ads, ads, ads, then big websites (brands) and blogs. Guess which one I like to read? Right, the blogs, especially those small blogs from people who are sharing their real experiences – simply because there is the REAL value. And that will not change, no matter how the internet world is going to change. I can see that even from this tiny blog of mine, which I started just to share things that work for me.

So, the decision has been made. Of course, I will let you know, how is it going and hopefully by the end of 2022, I will have something good to write about. I have included one motivational video for you, in case you have been asking yourself if blogging is dead or not.

Have a great 2022, dear friends 🙂

Published by Mona

Questions I am trying to solve: Can a "one-person business" survive? Does it have a chance in today's world? Is it sustainable for more than a few years? Is it something that can work long-term? In my blog, I am mainly creating lists with tips on how to avoid numerous burnouts while working full-time (and hoping to retire early hahaha).

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