Get (more) scientific with your business strategy

Know your weaknesses! This one has helped a lot, especially this year. I know that I am quite emotional about my business. I tend to think that what I like – others will like or that what I need – others will need. I have quickly learned that this is not the case. Basically, there HAS to be a research stage before launching new product or service. I just did not ask myself very fundamental questions:

1. Is there a demand?

2. Is it a reasonable demand?

3. Can I provide better product/improved one?

Now I am not so fixated on certain products and services – and if I see there is no demand – I am ready to drop them.

Another mistake I have been making is rather strange – I have spent far too much time on aspects of my business that I enjoyed and I have neglected other parts that were also or maybe even more important. It stemmed mainly from me thinking that my business is an extension of my hobby…Now I know that no matter how small the business is, it has to be treated as a business and NOT as a leisure activity.

I am planning lot more. Example below. I am thinking through the Year first. Then I break it into Quarters and then into smaller units. I have noticed that weekly planning works best for me.

This year has been mostly about transforming from an amateurish approach to more structured and more scientific approach. I will let you know whether it paid of in January 🙂

Not perfect but serves the purpose. Also satisfies my colour coding habit.

Create nice things for yourself

One thing I have learned while working at home is that it is hard to be motivated in the long run. Yes, I can get fired up for a week or two but how will I keep it going for the rest of the year right?

I try to follow all the trends and advice that comes across my home office desk but to be honest, I rarely put it to work. There is one trick though that worked for me so far – and that is creating nice visual for my vision board. I am very visual and I do really badly in note-taking. I have notes all over the place, handwritten, typed and even recorded on my mobile. Then of course, I forget that I ever made them.

This year I intend to be very organised and create a new, colourful and a very appealing roadmap. And I mean VERY. I am sifting through my ideas and putting them into colourful documents. The usual Google Planner or Excel sheet might be functional but they just don’t work for my brain. I do not know why but I don’t feel motivated to open them or to use them. I think it maybe the layouts, endless rows of lines…I don’t know.

Anyway, let me know if you are the same and what are you doing about it 🙂

Have a great 2021 dear friends!

organising small business plan, colourful and vivid for focus and motivation
Organising myself while staying motivated and focused.