Extra protein idea

This idea came to me by an accident. I have bought Quinoa flour thinking that it must be healthy and full protein. When I brought it home I opened the packed just to see.  The flour seemed to have a strong aroma. After a quick surf through the internet I found out that the flour is mostly used in a mix with some other flours. There did not seem to be many recipes purely for Quinoa flour. So I kept the packet on my shelf and it sat there for at least a month. One day I was preparing my tofu which I usually coat in a starch. I though let’s try the Quinoa flour instead. It is healthier than starch and provides some extra protein. The result was surprising. It tasted O.K. and family finished it as a snack not even waiting for dinner. It is not even a recipe but in case you are stuck with Quinoa flour as I was here it is:

1/ Drain the tofu and slice it.

2/ Mix half a cup of Quinoa flour with teaspoon of salt. Add black pepper or smoked paprika according to your preference.

3/ Coat the tofu slices in the mixture. The tofu will be still damp so most of the flour will stick to it.

4/ Heat up 2 table spoons of olive oil and quickly fry the slices from both sides.

5/ Dry the slices on the paper towel.

6/Serve hot as a side or as a snack with your favourite sauce.

I have included a photo strictly for illustration purposes 🙂 It is not very inviting I know so maybe next time…









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